Saturday, August 8, 2015

Independence Day Clothing

     Fashion has come a long way from simple function to seriously personal.  'You are what you wear' is taken as an assumption anymore and we often immediately categorize people at a quick glance. This is just another stumbling block for someone with a cognitive or physical impairment.  So often there are limitations with range of motion, difficulty with gross and fine motor skills and sensitivities to commonly used accents such as lace and beads, that blending in with a crowd takes a back burner to comfort and function.  That's completely understandable but, thanks to mother, Lauren Thierry, no longer a necessary sacrifice.

     Thierry's personal goal was to give her son the independence of being able to dress himself, despite the challenges of his autism.  What she created has opened doors for many others to experience the same freedom and so much more.

Let's look at it this way:
This clothing line defeats the challenge of......

Putting a piece of clothing on inside out or backwards....BY....creating each piece with no back or front, and functionally reversible.

Sensitivity to accents and fabrics....BY....eliminating lace, tags, etc...and using only smooth soft fabrics.

Difficulty with fine motor skills....BY....eliminating the need for buttons, snaps and zippers.

Many outfit choices also have a pocket for GPS devices as a comfort to caregivers of both children and adults who may have a history of wandering off on their own.

So much is taken for granted when you are healthy, strong and independent.  It's experiences like Lauren's that help us see where we may be failing as individuals in our perspectives of others and what creators of fashion lines can learn about the the broader range of the power of their creations.

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