Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1,000 Dresses!!!!

  We all know the story of Cinderella and the beautiful gowns at the ball.  They sparkle, dazzle and woo the crowd in the enchanting way that beautiful things enchant.  The life of the party, it truly is Cinderella's DRESS that captures everyone's attention and admiration....for that one night, cause let's face it,  even if it hadn't turned back into a pumpkin or whatever, she never would've worn it again.  It had been seen and enjoyed and it was memorable so had to go.  Into the closet or the hope chest, the remaining days of that beautiful garment were subject to a stuffy bag, moth balls or even worse,  the occasional fleeting glimpse of itself in a mirror, when Cindee tried to recapture her glory days of youth and romance momentarily displacing her middle aged thoughts of stretch marks and the ridiculous mortgage rates on castles nowadays!
      But what if it didn't have to die?  Not the glory days, of course.  Those are long gone.  But, the beauty; the dress that made it all so magical.  What if it could dance and enchant again?  

     The 1,000 Dresses campaign is designed for just that purpose!   Building up its closets with entirely gifted formals ( and informals, if you're really a dress person) this cache of beautiful items are available for all to enjoy and display for their own special occasion.  
Gifting your dress to the campaign will earn you credits, when the closet is finally full and ready to display it's treasures, to exchange for a dress you could use at your next dance, party or, let's face it, wedding! And with the goal of adding more accessories to the wardrobe after the campaign is off and running, you'll be able to balance out your look with that dyed clutch from prom that Kimmie donated that completely go with the shoes Shari showcased at her brother's grad party.

     So Riley, this is my introduction to this new campaign which, obviously, doubles as the first blog post for this month.  If it strikes your interest check it out at to add your name to the list of supporters.  And anyone else reading this, you check it out too!!!  This is a fun idea that makes a one time splurge go much farther.