Friday, June 5, 2015

Starting Smartly with

Spontaneity shouldn't be spurned in connection to giving but that doesn't mean that blindly throwing your money at a cause is helping anyone either.  Although this site addresses charities that generally have a larger reputation and reach than the smaller, local needs you may personally encounter, the tools utilized here are a nice introduction to what you may want to consider when choosing to help any group or individual.

Okay, that's good and responsible.  Now, check out the variety of causes out there!!  Giving is never just about who's getting your money but equally about your personal choice.  Who are you, Riley?  What is important to you?  Do you prefer Chance to choose a need that crosses your path throughout the month?  Do you feel more comfortable within the confines of well known and proven causes?  Do you want your giving to give back to you as well (handcrafted goods, your own college campus fundraisers, a friend's troop cookie drive ( favs are Samoas.  Just sayin').  This is all about you.......and anyone/everyone else YOU choose to involve.

Have fun!

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